Behind the Curtain:

The Black-Jew Dialogues

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Lesson One:

Context is Everything

Lesson Two:

A History of Conscience Co-operation

Lesson Three:

The Breakdown of Social Conscience Co-operation

Lesson Four:

A History of Cultural Hate and Oppression

Lesson Five:

Dealing With Your Own Stuff (Both Good and Bad)

Lesson Six:

Cultural Touchpoints (What are our "Things")

Lesson Seven:

The Insidious Nature of What "You Don't Know"

Lesson Eight:

The First Line of Defense...DENIAL

Lesson Nine:

A Generation Defined by Chaos

Lesson Ten:

Generational Responsibility

Lesson Eleven:

We Need To Get Together On This

Lesson Twelve:

The Narrative of Othering

Lesson Thirteen:

How Do We Step Up?

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