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Behind the Curtain: The Movement

Lesson One:

The Voting Rights Act of 1965

The Last Major Shackle

Lesson Two:

The Vietnam War & Poverty

A Radical Transformation

Lesson Three:

White Flight

The Coming Danger

Lesson Four:

The Black Panthers

Misunderstood Activists

Lesson Five:

The Poor People's Campaign

Everyday People

Lesson Six:

White Knowledge; White Guilt

I'm So...Sorry

Lesson Seven:

Suburban Migration

Black Flight

Lesson Eight:

Systemic and Institutional Hatred

Sophisticate the Hate

Lesson Nine:

Urban Decay

Black on Black Crime

Lesson Ten:

U.S. House Bill 40


Lesson Eleven:

The Legal System


Lesson Twelve:

Quality Education

Amazing Grace Under Outrageous Pressure

Lesson Thirteen:

The State of Advocacy

"The Talk/Black Lives Matter"

Lesson Fourteen:

Living in Two Worlds

Double Standards

Lesson Fifteen:



Lesson Sixteen:


What we pass on

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