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Minnesota Nice

I recently was on tour in and around Minneapolis and stayed in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood – referred to as Little Mogadishu. I had read that thousands of Somalians had made Minneapolis their home since the 1980’s, with many more arriving in the 1990’s to escape the horrific civil war in their homeland. What’s the saying… "seeing is believing."

In this case "seeing is heart warming." This is the spirit of America. This is the spirit that received my grandparents from Poland as they escaped yet another pogrom. This is the spirit that has made our country so loved and yearned for the world over. When we lose that spirit, we are nothing more than a selfish, closed, capitalistic democracy with very little heart, and certainly not very “Minnesota Nice.”

Check out this brilliant story entitled "Go inside 'Little Mogadishu,' the Somali capital of America."

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