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This solo performance is written and performed by the award-winning writer and performer
Larry Jay Tish. Trouble on Six is his story of the harrowing effects of being born into a loveless
marriage, generational trauma, addiction and the redemption that comes with faith and never
losing hope.

Raised by a narcissist/thief and addict/pimp; Larry may have missed a few key points on how to live an honest, happy and serene life. To compensate for his family’s lunacy, he tried to control everyone and everything around him, lived with an insatiable appetite to be liked by everyone, and he rarely felt that he was enough. This is his story to find what he had lost and most importantly to recover his unapologetic, authentic self – one day at a time.

The show premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in August of 2022 with 21 performances and rave
s from both audiences and the press.

Tish is making a career of wielding wit to battle the dark side of humanity.” Boston Globe.
Simultaneously Disturbing and Funny!” Theatre Mirror
Larry proves to be a warm and involved storyteller in the telling of this nice, redemptive
personal story.
” The Scotsman
Irrepressibly funny!” BroadwayBaby

Audience Reviews

I so enjoyed this solo show! I didn’t want it to end. It is in a sense about a boy who is raised by wolves’ in the crazy 70's and 80's in America. From free love to disco, to cocaine and everything in between, the young man somehow manages to raise himself- stays on the straight and narrow-and makes it through. A true success story that, even though goes to some dark places- but ultimately is a tale of triumph over tragedy. I'm going back!

I laughed, I cried, I learned. This show somehow manages to turn the heartbreaking to hilarious, and silliness to surprising poignancy. As another person with a colorful family and adventures in boundaries, this show gave me a language for things I had yet been unable to express. I wanted it to be three hours long, but I'm very happy with the 50 minutes we get. See it!

Fluid and well told. Paced to perfection and such warmth. Larry creates a beautifully intimate
and authentic space between himself and the audience, the story flitting between comedy and truth, often both. Pithy, dark and a truly lovely time to share with this seasoned performer.

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