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The Creation of Hispanics is a fun dive into the construction and complications of one of America's largest ethnic groups.  In the beginning of the 21st Century Latinos(x)/ Hispanics surpassed African Americans as the largest “Non-Dominant” Ethnic group, but what does this mean?

Before 1970 groups of Latin origin were not seen as a collective.  Cuban, Mexican and Puerto Ricans were lumped into "white" the rest were categorized by US region or national origin. In 1970 The US Census Bureau to create a broad, national category that included all these communities. 


Here, one of the promotional videos created to promote taking part in the census:

This multimedia performance is led by veteran comic performers Ron Jones and Will Luera.  The piece is the creation of Jones, Luera and Julio Ricardo Varela of “Latino Rebels” 











Their objective is to give audiences a more complicated view of the beauty, complexity, similarities and most importantly the differences that are too often homogenized into the terms “Latino(x) /Hispanic.  It will show the nuance and complication that is, in many instances, national or geographic rather than ethnic. 

The performance will also point out some of the challenges that many of us may see as uniquely “American”.  Americans did not invent color bias. Just like African Americans,  Latinos(x) / Hispanics across the world  are not immune to the challenges that play out based on the color of one's skin.  For ongoing colonial impacts to the challenges to achieving the American dream, The Creation of Hispanics is a engaging and essential work for all audiences”

Just like for most European immigrants, after a few generations, national identity tends to become American identity.  Unlike Europeans many Latinos (x) /Hispanics do not have always have the luxury of just blending in; even if they want to. Like any culture in America, there are benefits and deficits to stripping away the old world.


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