The Black-Jew Dialogues

“Changing minds, one laugh at a time”

This hilarious award-winning two-man social-justice comedy has been performed hundreds of times, coast-to-coast, to thousands of people. Through laughter and discussion, the performance helps audiences understand what we all have in common. More

Get Out Of Your Bubble!

“Culture is an opportunity, not an obstacle”

Get Out Of Your Bubble! is an interactive college diversity orientation. It is a fun and fast-paced presentation which introduces students to a new and more open way of seeing cultural differences. Through jokes, prizes, and facts the show gives students a glimpse into how they are all part of their new and diverse college community. More


Living the Legacy

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

METCO, the longest continuously running voluntary school desegregation program in the country, which began in the late 1960s. Created at the height of the Civil Right Movement; its mission and mandates are as relevant now as ever. Living the Legacy of METCO is a 45-minute performance that give the audience the historic context which made the program necessary.  More



Hellfighter is an American story, 4 generations in the telling.  Through the real life story of Needham Roberts, “Hellfighter” weaves a fictionalized story of his son and grandsons’ journey to the town of Needham Massachusetts. It tells the story of one of the country's most decorated military regiments. More

The Movement

"50 Years of Love and Struggle in America"

This powerful one man performance highlights the key moments in the fight for racial justice over the past 50 years since passage of the “Voting Rights Act of 1965.″ From “Black Power” to “Post-Racial,” this show uses a string of characters, archival video, and the music that moved a generation to illustrate the best and sometimes worst of the African-American experience. More

Civil Discourse

"Putting the Civil back in Civil Discourse"

Far too much of the social and political discourse we see today is defined by anger, polarization, and recrimination. Few seem to be happy with the tone of our national discourse. I guarantee the ones that don’t want it to change are either sick or cashing in on it.  Most believe it is as bad as it has ever been. More

Roxbury Strong

"A Story of Emergence"

We know that the greater public narrative of urban areas is often one-sided and negative.  They are stories of Black communities that for years were plagued with violence, drugs and decay.  

This narrative has led to a skewed perception from those outside of these communities, and some within it.



Shared Dreams

"America is a Civil Rights Story"

Through live character portrayal and video, “Shared Dreams” depicts how MLK’s “Poor Peoples Campaign” was a turning point in intersectional advocacy.  A broad cross-section of cultural groups came together to fight against poverty.  Had King lived to be the face of this young movement, it would have changed the way we look at race and social issues. We believe that it would have been a great leap forward in our American Civil Rights Story. More

Dialogues on Diversity Workshops

“Workshops for Colleges, Communities, Corporations and Fun!”

Workshops that teach leaders and staff at public and private institutions to better understand their diversity and maximize their human resource potential. More

A Prescription for Success: Cultural Competence In Healthcare

"Helping Doctors 'See' Patients"

The American Association Of Medical Colleges has implemented new policies for cultural competence which can impact schools’ accreditation status. Yet many medical schools are finding themselves behind the curve. Our interactive, educational and entertaining training model gives medical professionals the ability to navigate cultural differences in a changing medical landscape. More


“Theatrical Training for Campus Leaders”

ACT-tion! is a theatrical training model for addressing the complex issues of race, gender and cultural inequities on campus.  The ACT-tion! program is a social justice, student-led theater ensemble. This group uses improvisational techniques to illustrate real situations that students encounter, but are often mishandled or avoided outright because individuals lack the cultural language to address them appropriately. More

Keep It Real

"Real and Transformative Connections through a Board Game"

A board game which is the ideal team building and diversity and inclusion tool. The Keep It Real board game provides a profound and lasting interactive experience of diversity and inclusion across races, religions, ethnicities, classes and all divides. More

Jews On First

"A play about more than getting on base"

'Jews on First' explores Jewish assimilation, Jewish identity, and Jewish guts viewed through the lens of America's favorite pastime. It’s a dramatic examination of Jews’ enduring and mysterious love of baseball. It's a tale of grandfather and grandson. It’s a musical about growing up among people who talk loud, eat fast, and always question. More

The Last Jews – An Apocalyptic Comedy

"The Lighter Side of Genocide"

This funny and poignant play was nominated as the 2014 Best New Play in Boston by the Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE). It has been called, “A hilarious hybrid of Mel Brooks and Ionesco!” More

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