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What if, the day before your wedding, you realize that even though you love your betrothed, they are not your person. Oh yeah, and you’re a Mormon.

What does it mean to challenge a lifetime of teaching, relationships, and connections because your mind, body and heart are calling you to a different truth? What do you lose? What do you gain?

Practice Wedding is a spoken word performance piece about becoming whole.

Practice Wedding is Natasha Samreny’s story of self-acceptance and growth. It is a journey to her more authentic and genuine self.

Sex and Gender identity is one of the most challenging roads any of us have to navigate. Especially when we are young. It is filled with conscious and subconscious expectations that too few are given the tools to deal with. While we live in the most accepting period in recent memory; the mixed messages of who we should be can feel overwhelming. This can be even more pronounced in faith-based worlds which are often fraught with traditional binaries: who am I allowed to love? Will I be shunned or accepted if I love this way? Will I go to Hell?

It’s a struggle that has in part contributed to high levels of physical and emotional damage with which many in the LGBTQ+ community are plagued. Natasha hopes her story helps others feel less alone in their own journey.

She premiered this show at the Camden Fringe Festival, in London, England. Through a mix of humor and vulnerability, she weaves an inspiring story of finding new ground after pulling the carpet out from under your own feet.


Natasha Samreny is a multicultural writer, performer, and storyteller.

She is a veteran actor with dozens of stage and film performances. Samreny got her storytelling start reporting news with NPR affiliate WUSF. She studied Arabic and achieved her M.A. in Middle East History from the University of Illinois. She transitioned from reporting to comedy after studying improv and sketch comedy at The Second City theater in Chicago. She is a feature stand-up comedian who produces and emcees events via


Writing Workshops

Natasha brings an incredibly unique set of skills and experiences together to tell powerful and compelling stories. She teaches intersectional storytelling and improv workshops for teens and adults, promoting personal and cultural awareness for discussions and engagement. 

These workshops can be a stand alone program or part of her performance work.

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