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Online Learning



DODU Workshops are simply the online extension of our very popular game based diversity sessions.  With hundreds of discussions and workshop under our belt; we have been able to translate many of our face to face activities into the virtual world.

Because the online work is far more dependent on dialogue, we put extra focus on giving participants the opportunity to practice these fundamentals:

  •         Self-Awareness

  •         Active Listening

  •         Giving & Receiving Perspective

Just because we can talk, does not mean we know how to effectively communicate.  Just because we are used to hearing, does not mean we are engaged in actively listening.  These simple truths are the foundation of successful human engagement. They are usually the precursor to cultural conflict.

This discipline of diversity is the examination of how we emerge, diverge and evolve culturally.  As our classrooms, neighborhoods and workplaces become more diverse, most of us are unprepared to digest this changing landscape.  Actually, it’s not always that easy.  It requires a specific skill sets. We use high-energy, fun and fact-filled sessions to teach these skill set. 

They learn how to talk about and understand each other's differences, and more importantly, how to understand and talk about their own multiple identities and how those "layered selves" inform or refuse to inform us. And they acquire the tools to engage in open and honest dialogue.

Workshops vary in time and content based on need of clients

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