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Dialogues On Diversity is the country's premier social justice and diversity theater company. DOD uses theatrical models to make our message of difference, inclusion and social justice accessible, engaging and entertaining. We offer a range of fun, interactive, and informative programs designed to educate and entertain, or "edutain," through satire and parody. We've discovered that humor helps people open up when engaging complex and complicated issues.

Award-winning, and highly praised, our programs have been profiled by major media outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post and Fox News.


Our programs are staffed by leading professionals in higher education and actors/educators committed to social justice.

If we are to move into a fast changing world, we must embrace a new sense of cultural commonality and curiosity. This requires cultural competence and a new way of looking at people who are different from ourselves. When we do this, our differences become an opportunity rather than an obstacle.



Dialogues on Diversity

has provided over 700 programs in 44 states

Our programs are staffed by leading professionals and award-winning actors

Best Cultural Speaker Award 2016-2017:
Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities
"Small Theater, Best New Play"
2015 Nominee:
Independent Reviewers of New England
Best Diversity Artist 2014:
Campus Activities Magazine
Best Cultural Speaker Award 2013-2014:
Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities

Social Justice for Lasting Change

The first step to making change is understanding what you are trying to change and why.  The shows/programs/workshops are all designed to give people the context for structural and systemic bias that we have allowed to fester for far too long in our society.

Dialogues on Diversity uses performance-based works, workshops, and lectures to make dealing with the deep and sometimes contentious topic more accessible. 

We want people to better understand the different elements that go into systemic oppression and how they have played out over the last 150 years in the lives of people.

Topics touched on:

  • Military Service and Benefits

  • Housing Access and Quality

  • Educational Access and Opportunity

  • Law Enforcement Practices and Policies

  • Acquisition of Wealth

  • Voting Restrictions


These are just a few of the areas that we speak to through our character monologues or plays and workshops.  

Our hope is to give people the knowledge to better understand what the problem has looked like over time.  From there, we hope to help people commit to the fact that social change has always been a slow process.  It requires a multicultural and multi-generational commitment for the sake of the dis-empowered and the not yet empowered.  It has always required compassion, knowledge, activism, faith, planning and sacrifice.


Over 700 programs in 44 states
Theaters/Festivals/Schools/Religious & Community Organizations
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Brave theater that moves people to embrace cultural differences