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Duality and Overlap:
Racism and Antisemitism

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For as difficult as it may be for some to hear, there are those who work in the social
justice space that take issue with
advocating against antisemitism because of the
complicated nature of Judaism.

On college campuses in particular, this can be particularly challenging because, in the
minds of some, Jews are more equated with Whiteness, Privilege and Geo-political
issues that do not consider the historic or modern-day engines that drive antisemitism.
It also does not consider that antisemitism is at the foundation of most every racist,
ultra-religious & ultra-nationalist movement.

This misunderstanding of the complicated nature of this reality can play directly into the beliefs and actions that give rise to the same white supremacist and ultra-nationalist beliefs and actions that ultimately undermine the dignity of every marginalized groups.


A Decade of Activism


The social movements of the last few years have given us deeper insight into the deep and complex nature of the issues that non-dominant cultures have had to deal with since the beginning of the modern civil rights movement.


The visibility of issues like BLM and #MeToo, among others have brought much needed light to the deep systemic nature of these social issues.


Women’s reproductive issues have moved from “pro vs. anti” to the sophisticated reproductive and health-based conversation it always needed to be. We are seeing much less traction on the side of Jewish / antisemitic challenges even though antisemitic rhetoric and violence has consistently risen in this same period.


This moment of social reckoning we are in has been accompanied by increased levels of violence towards marginalized communities. The largest spikes are toward people of color and Jews.


As far as cultural bigotry goes, antisemitism has one of the longest history. It predates most every existing cultural bias with the exception of sexism. Why has it lingered for so long? What is it going to take to finally break through?


History’s Lessons Unlearned

History has shown us time and time again that increased levels of social stress and social division always leads to scapegoating. No matter what the social stressors may be, antisemitic tropes quickly follow. This is what led to the pogroms in Russia and the Weimar Republic period in Germany. Now, less than 100 years after Hitler, worldwide antisemitism is on the rise again.


The Workshop


This 3 to 5-hour customized workshop session will show the complicated links and difficult truths between the perceptions and realities that must be faced when using a whiteness or Geo-political frame for addressing systemic bias when it comes to antisemitism.

We often use whiteness/ white privilege, as a tool for making visible structural racism. This model not only proves to be completely unsuitable for antisemitism but can even confirm it.


Through video, activities, and guided Q & A, we will dive into the historic length and breadth of Jewish culture worldwide. It will also examine the antisemitism that followed.

The session will also give a detailed outline of the current faces or antisemitism which has inserted itself into mainstream politics, media, and commercial society.


Attendees will also be given pre/post session materials which will allow them to dig even deeper into the issues and ideas presented.


This session will not be addressing Israel's national politics or it's complicated relationship with the Arab world

For more information and cost please contact:
Ron Jones

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