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The Black-Jew Dialogues

The Black-Jew Dialogues is a provocative two-actor comedy which explores the absurdity of prejudice and racism.  This show teaches its audience members how to engage in cross-generational and cross-cultural dialogue.  It combines fast-paced sketches, improvisations, puppets, a game show, and a post-show discussion.

The goal of the Black-Jew Dialogues is to promote open and respectful conversation among our audience members about their differences.

“Brave theater that opens people up to the possibility of change.”

John H. Houchin, Boston College, Chair, Theater Department

Dialogues on Diversity has provided over 700 performances in 44 states. 


Universities, colleges and synagogues across the country have brought the Black-Jew Dialogues to their venue to promote discussion around difficult issues of diversity and social justice. This widely praised show is highly successful as a stand-alone program. It is also an excellent jumping off point for other Dialogues On Diversity programming

“A wonderfully inventive act that deals with race in honest, practical and entertaining format.”

John Young, Fanshawe College, Ontario, Canada

Contact us now to bring the Black-Jew Dialogues to your venue!

"A humorous take on the weighty issue of racial and ethnic stereotyping."

- The Washington Post

"Designed to build inter-racial bridges and shatter cultural stereotypes, The Black-Jew dialogues is a comedy show that has successfully toured...for six years."

- The Globe and Mail

"The Black-Jew Dialogues made me laugh and squirm as [the performers] broke down the complex relationship the two groups have shared."


- The Philadelphia Inquirer


Best Cultural Speaker Award 2013-2014
Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities
Best Diversity Artist 2014
Campus Activities Magazine
Best Cultural Speaker Award 2016-2017:
Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities

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Jodie Cha

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

“I think we all loved what we learned from you guys. Keep it up!”

Ruth Kerman

Program Directors at San Diego State University

“It was easily the best program we have done all year! They made it easy to connect with other campus groups and have a discussion that we have needed to have.”

John Young

Fanshawe College, Ontario, Canada

“A wonderfully inventive act that deals with race in honest, practical and an entertaining format."

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Darlana Swenson

Programmer of Comedy and Concerts, Spokane Community College

"The Q&A was even more beneficial to the audience because it gave them the opportunity to speak one on one about issues that they had."

John H. Houchin

Boston College, Boston, Massachusetts

“Brave theatre that opens people up to the possibility of change.”

John Shook

Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa

“I thoroughly enjoyed the way you mixed humor with education to bring an enlightening program to students, faculty and staff.”

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Dialogues on Diversity


This award-winning show is easily set up and broken down

The Black-Jew Dialogues is a trunk show and is quickly assembled and taken down.

All video and sound are run from the stage on a PowerBook by performers.

The show can be set up in all size venues, from a large room to a black box to a proscenium stage.

The Black-Jew Dialogues is suitable for audiences from middle school to well past middle age.

Run Time

Schools and Religious/Community Organizations

45 to 75 minutes (The Post Show Discussion can go as long as there is time)


Theater Show

100 minutes with ten minute intermission (Post Show Discussion as above)

Tech and Hospitality Rider

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