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April 3, 2019


First published at Campus Activities Programming® - March/April 2019 Issue. 

In the shadow of the (deserved) backlash against Green Book's Oscar win, a new documentary premiered on the Smithsonian Channel that depicts a more accurate, beautiful, and terrible history of Victor Hugo Green’s Green Book. Filmmaker and CUNY professor Yoruba Richen a...

January 11, 2019

First published at Campus Activities Programming® - January/February 2019 Issue. 

I recently had the opportunity to attend a friend’s wedding in Havana, Cuba. This beautiful lush place of welcoming and joyful people will make you think twice as to why we in th...

September 13, 2018

First published at Campus Activities Programming® - July/August 2018 Issue. 

May 15, 2018

First published at Campus Activities Programming® - April 2018 Issue.

I was speaking recently with a student at Texas Christian University (TCU) about our visit the following week. We were discussing the temperature on campus in terms of welcoming and embracing diversit...

In honor of this most recent MLK day, we’d also like to take this opportunity to recognize the white guy in like the back-left-hand-side of the March on Washington photo. He probably had to take the train and also possibly a taxi to get there.

As Boston Globe writer Nes...

October 17, 2017

How many people at Unilever (who owns Dove) saw this ad before it was approved? The ad agency people, people at Unilever, people at Dove...  Come on people!  We realize it's Octoberfest, but sober up to some cultural sensitivity.  Danke.

October 15, 2017

“A guy walks into an airport...”

Please forgive me for interrupting my bad joke, but I think it is important to frame it for you.  I came across an interesting little tid-bit earlier this week.  It caught my eye for a couple reasons.  First, it happened just a couple ho...