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Part Game Show

Part Stand Up

Part Dialogue

                                               is a game show-style college orientation. It is a fun and fast-paced presentation which introduces students to a new and more open way of seeing cultural differences. Through jokes, prizes, and facts the show gives students the tools to understand cultural difference and to maximize their potential in a changing world.

'Get Out Of Your Bubble!'

“I have been to three different school orientations, all having speakers come talk about diversity. This was the most entertaining, informational, and moving one I have had the pleasure of seeing. Thank you for the amazing presentation!"

Jessica Keefe
Bay Path University Student
Longmeadow, Massachusetts

“Students from the first session were quoting [presenter] Ron [Jones] in their placement test essays."

Jamie L. Boussicot
Director of Multicultural Affairs
Wheelock College
Boston, Massachusetts

'Get Out Of Your Bubble!' at California State Maritime Academy

Through this comic presentation, 'Get Out Of Your Bubble!' shows students a slice of the changing world that they went to college to prepare themselves for.  It also shows them how taking advantage of all of the resources offered at their institution will make them more culturally-aware, knowledgeable and marketable in a far more competitive world.

'Get Out Of Your Bubble!' at Boston College

Additionally, 'Get Out Of Your Bubble!' works with orientation programs and campus clubs to provide students resources that they can put their hands on RIGHT AFTER THE SHOW!


Some Results from Student Surveys

Did this session help you become more aware of the different types of diversity?


Did anything about this session surprise you? Or make you think differently?

"The slide about fastest growing religions in America"

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Tanadjza Robinson-McCray

Coordinator for Equity and Diversity Programs, Ramapo College of NJ

“This presentation planted the seed in getting [students] to appreciate difference and understand diversity at all levels.”

Leah Cox

University of Mary Washington

“Students were open to the discussion and dialogue.”

Carol Taylor-Shim

Social Justice Educator, University of Kentucky

“Entertaining, funny, interactive and creates space for participants to look at diversity through a different lens.”

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