Roxbury Strong

The truth is that Roxbury one of the most vibrant and thriving area in all of Boston.  It has a rich history of immigrants of every race and cultural persuasion. It is a truth that has been too-often unspoken. Though it has become the anchor of the African-American community, it still still boasts cultural cross-section which reflects the rich diversity of the city.

Like many urban communities, it has dealt with unique challenges over time; most of which are a by product of years of individual and institutional bias or neglect. In spite of them, this area has only grown in cultural and economic strength. This growth also brings challenges as well as opportunity. How will we sculpt gentrification so that the character and history of this place are not priced out of it? We tell the story.

Roxbury is the story of an community living with amazing grace under sometimes outrageous pressure.  Theirs is an inspiring story that needs to be known by all. We hope "Roxbury Strong: A Story of Emergence" will work to inspire those in and out of the community and help to de-stigmatize this Boston Neighborhood.  Additionally, we hope that the young people that take part in creating this piece and those who attend will gain a greater sense of the diversity and resiliency found in their community.  We aspire to make them the next generation of community leaders and ambassadors who will share their vision of within and beyond their borders. We hope you enjoy the show.


LaQuasia Cherry (Store Owner)

LaQuasia Cherry is a storyteller and poet who is in her final semester at Brandeis University. She has acted in 3 main stage productions on her schools' campus including "For Colored Girls" & "The Vagina Monologues". LaQuasia believes thereis nothing more powerful and healing than recognizing that everyone has a story
and every story is important and valid, which is why this production means so much to her. (That and the fact that her fiancé is the show's music producer) Lastly, she hopes you enjoy the show!

Cultural Sensitivity Training: (90-120 minutes)

This is a fun and engaging training platform that illuminates the nature of our changing classrooms and workplaces.  We will dig into concepts such as Intersectionality and Micro-literacies, Religious Literacy and The Browning and Graying of America.  This is done through high energy, on your feet games and exercises.  These exercises provide participants with strategies on how to communicate across cultural divides.  Participants acquire the toolkit to be culturally sensitive.  

PARTICIPANTS: Limited to 35

Empowerment Workshop: (3 hours)


This intensive empowerment workshop goes much deeper into the concepts laid out in the shorter sessions.  We also examine how our history and national narratives work to keep us from collective potential.

Writer/Director Ron Jones

In addition to games and activities, we use video, large and small group discussion, prizes and role playing to explore concepts of cultural bias and systemic privilege.  You will learn about the members of your community as well as the basic principles of being culturally sensitive.  This session is designed to give participants specific strategies that they can take with them to train others. 

PARTICIPANTS: Limited to 35



They provide knowledge

When we gain “true” knowledge of an individual, we are far less likely to stereotype or pigeon hole them.  By utilizing this multi-layered approach to multicultural understanding and respect for the individual, we can build a healthier posture of discourse and cooperation.

They teach us about behavior

We give participants a glimpse of our own behavioral patterns and how these patterns can stand in direct conflict to our business, social, religious and personal interests.

You will have fun!

Contrary to popular belief, you can have a good time dealing with difficult issues.  The workshops' most unique quality is the on-your-feet activities.  Most diversity programs are content to talk to you about facts, figures and workplace dynamics.  This is all well and good, but for most people true learning is an active process that happens not just in your head.

Esther Leonard

Coordinator of Cooperative Education, Roxbury Community College, Lynn MA

“As a recent Chicago transplant to Boston, I found your play "Roxbury Strong: A Story of Emergence" very insightful. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the youth perform as well as speaking with you briefly about the intersectionality of culture, history and economic forces."

Rachel Heller & Karen Wiener

CEO & COO of Citizens' Housing and Planning Association, Boston, MA

“Thank you so much for bringing Roxbury Strong to the Our Homes Our Voices Rally for affordable housing this week. The words and lyrics you all shared were incredibly powerful...The performance was both inspiring and moving, and we are so glad you shared such an important message with the hundreds of affordable housing advocates who gathered together to advocate for more resources and investment in our homes and communities!”

Jessie Zimmerer

Legislative Director, Office of Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz, Boston, MA

“Thanks again for the beautiful Roxbury Strong performance on Saturday night, and please tell the young performers, once again, how wonderful they all were! This was a powerful story—compelling, well done in every respect—and I think it is a beneficial conversation starter.”

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