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The  KEEP it REAL  Board Game makes DIVERSITY fun, engaging, creative and REAL!

An ideal engagement team building and diversity and inclusion tool. The Keep It Real board game provides a profound and lasting INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE of diversity and inclusion across all racial, religious, ethnic, class and ALL divides.

Keep It Real never fails to deliver an adventure in a comfortable and judgment free zone. I promise you that playing the Keep It Real game will literally change your life.
–Brian Kateman, Jeanette K. Watson Fellow

Field-Tested and Proven:

The Keep It Real board game is presently in use at approximately 1,000 colleges and universities, to name just a few:

University of Virginia | Penn State University | Harvard University
University of Central Florida | University of Notre Dame | Christopher Newport University  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Western Theological Seminary
University of Oklahoma | CUNY Schools

I facilitated a Keep It Real Diverse game training with 70 of my R.A.s, many of whom have reported that this game is the best tool they have ever used. I have facilitated Diversity trainings, preparation for academic achievement trainings and more with this game, always with superlative results.
–Cheryl Hinton, Stevenson University


Ultimate Connection Workshop

The Keep It Real workshops provide a forum of caring, bonding and mutual respect. Unique and groundbreaking, this workshop is a fun training opportunity which enables participants to facilitate their own Keep It Real workshops in the future. 

  • Provides a safe space in which people experience one another in meaningful and transformative ways.

  • Encourages greater group cohesiveness and support.

  • Builds bridges across differences, and facilitates authentic and positive transformational dialogue between players.

  • Increased feelings of acceptance, empathy, compassion and belonging with other participants.

  • Engages even the most resistant people, allowing them to open up and speak their truth to one another.

Creator Leslie R. Robinson

  • Inventor of:

The Keep It Real game

Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront Veteran Reintegration games

Recharge Beyond the Bars prison reentry and long sentence communication games

  • Workshop Leader

  • Psychotherapist

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Trainer

  • President Trance4mation Nation

  • CEO Trance4mation Games

  • President Beyond the Bars, LLC

  • Former Adjunct Professor in Literature and Writing at the College of New Rochelle

  • Graduated Leslie College, Summa Cum Laude, with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing

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