Five Things: Dialogue and the American Spirit

We are, right now, in the midst of the largest moment of social clarity that we have experienced in almost two generations. It is hard. It will ask a great deal of everyone. I take exception with anyone who thinks it is good. If you think that all the pain and destruction we are struggling through now is "good" you should should seek psychological help. It is necessary. It would be "good" if it were not necessary because that would mean that we were probably having the right conversations all along. That is the major problem. In America, we are told that there are certain things that we are never supposed to speak about in “polite” public forums. Sex. Money. Politics. Religion and Race

The 360 Spectrum: From White Head to Black Dead

The last few weeks of media coverage, for as tragic as it has been, offer a clear line from thought to action when it comes to the grim reality that Black people have suffered through for far too long in this country. I want to start and end with as much compassion that I can bring to the table. For all that is going on, COVID-19 and all its byproducts have only escalated tensions. Financial, job, and health insecurities on top of an uncertain future are hard enough to deal with in regular times. Enlisting tens of millions into this stress club in a matter of weeks, on top of one hundred thousand dead and millions mourning, is enough to make a racial problem seem that much more intense. To b

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Brave theater that moves people to embrace cultural differences