An In-Artful Sculpting

I do not consider myself an expert in much of anything; not even myself. Were that so, I believe that I would already own an island somewhere and be the benevolent despot of my own utopian state. I do not consider myself an academic. Though I hold a deep and abiding love on knowledge, I do not hold any degree in any disciplines that would make me expert in much of the historical, sociological, psychological or other information that I reference in this work, but I am not (completely) ignorant in these areas either. What I do bring to this effort is a perspective. A seemingly unique perspective as I have been told many times. Not singular, but one that I have been told many times seems ne

Part 1: Diversity: Time to Walk The Talk. Or Else…….

I have traveled across this country more times than I can remember. Hopping ocean to ocean and so many places in the between. As a performer of my own work and even when I am performing for others. I am almost never doing it where I live. Flying and driving distances that have kept me in constant separation from the regularity and comfort that so many struggle to maintain. I have had to find what comfort and regularity I can in the inconsistent jump about that has made up most of the months of my life for the last two decades. Even so, I have found a surprising and unexpected comfort in the whole of my American adventure. I have consistently been humbled by the beauty, complexity, simpl

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Brave theater that moves people to embrace cultural differences